Pendant Earrings

Rebeca Roman has become a trend in abstract modern art and jewelry design, committed to our customers by producing always with quality and originality.


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These pendant earrings are handmade ONE OF A KIND! custom designed, with colors that I do myself.

They offer the simplistic modern beauty that so many have been looking for and will suit almost any situation. These artwork make amazing piece for everyday wear, and are a great option for your style. Polymer clay and finish them off with high quality  silver wire.

The pendants SIZES:

Wide and length:1.1/2 inches

Color: Black and gray

Be Aware! My jewelry was produced with care and will last a long time stay in shape. But, the jewelry should not come into contact with water, fragrances and other chemicals better. If you treat the jewelry Careful, you’ll enjoy it for a long time have.

Don’t be afraid to always be different!