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Rebeca Roman has become a trend in abstract modern art and jewelry design, committed to our customers by producing always with quality and originality.


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Polymer RING

Hello! My name is Rebeca and I am known for art collections of which originality and passion are the most important values. After searching all over the stores for a feminine garment that would give a more modern impression without so many chains and so many glitters, finally I found the perfect style that I was looking  for. Hope you like them too!

This is one of my handmade product ONE OF A KIND! that requires careful construction and a lot of her time. All the colors were created by me, making the abstract figures only with paper or polymer clay with a lot of precision and being able to single out my products. My jewels offer the simplistic modern beauty that so many have been looking for and will suit almost any situation, specially for Mother’s day, Graduations, Birthdays, Christmas. These jewels make an amazing piece for everyday wear, and are a great option for your modern style. Be Aware! This handmade jewelry was produced with care and will last a long time stay in shape. But, the jewelry should not come into contact with water, If you treat the jewelry careful, you’ll enjoy it for a long time have.

Don’t be afraid to always be different!


      Jewel Description

  • Style:  polymer clay RING Adjustable
  • Clay Pendant:  1 1/4″
  • Cord:  none
  • Predominant colors are:  white, black
  • Handmade:   Yes
  • 100% satisfied guarantee. Buy with confidence!
  • A perfect jewelry for you or your relatives and friends.
  • Shipping information and delivery.

 Jewelry consists of decorative items worn for personal adornment, such as brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and cufflinks.

Fashion Is More Than Clothes; Fashion is art; fashion is perfect style; fashion is perfect fit.


Art doesn’t just appear in a museum or on a slab of a canvas. Art is everywhere. It’s in the music we sing, the words we write, and the clothes we make. Fashion is art. It’s a form of creative expression carried out by a designer and put on our blank canvassed bodies. When we start to look at fashion, and any other creative skill, our perception of it will change and we will have a better appreciation for it. I would like to help you find amazing outfits for you, matching them with my art jewelry.


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