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This earrings are  handmade ONE OF A KIND! custom designed, paper collage. They offer the simplistic modern beauty that so many have been looking for and will suit almost any situation, specially for Mother’s day, Graduations, Birthdays, Christmas. This earrings make an amazing piece for everyday wear, and are a great option for your modern style. 

The earrings SIZES: 3 inches long x 0.55 inches wide

Color: multicolored brown

Be Aware! My jewelry was produced with care and will last a long time stay in shape. But, the jewelry should not come into contact with water, or other chemicals better. If you treat the jewelry Careful, you’ll enjoy it for a long time have.

Personalized inscribed jewelry: I can also inscribe your personalized quote, with engraving tool. Only 6 words for item. Only on LEATHER.

Don’t be afraid to always be different!

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