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MY ART SUPPLY, My goodies!

Good art supplies enable me to do my job well.  I use archival-quality natural cotton canvases that are gesso primed. The medium texture surface is perfect for use with my acrylics and oil paints.  The frames are professionally constructed, using 1 1/2″ profile kiln-dried stretcher bars and held in place with a flexible spline.  I paint on all four edges so the painting can be hung with, or without a frame. My canvasses need to be strong because I sometimes work with mixed media, including sand or other materials to add texture and depth.

I mix all my colors, and for that I need good quality paint.  I normally use acrylic paints are NON-TOXIC. This is very important for me because I work all day and I like to take care of my health. Genuine pigments are used to the produce smooth, consistent colors with excellent opacity.  Sometimes I use heavy body paints so that I can apply them with a spatula and these paints spread nicely on the canvas. Color for me is very important, maybe even more important then the structure of the composition. I see colors in my head and I like to bring them alive!

Everyone asks me almost the same question.  They want to know what I think when I am painting.  There is no simple answer since non-objective abstract subjects do not exist in the natural world.  My compositions are not modeled after something you can see.  Instead, it is an attempt to capture good emotions, good moods, and excellent feelings using shapes and color.  I believe that those things come from inside, from my surroundings – even in my little studio. I am the most blessed person in the entire world – I get to work in our home.

I get up in the morning and I thank God for my life and for my salvation through my Lord Jesus Christ. I start my day and soon I find myself in my special room of our home with beautiful music. My studio is very important to me in my life, I laugh, I cry, I sing, I talk to God, and I create art in my little room.

Is very important to me to let you know about how the art you buy was created, whether for a special room in your home, for your office or some other place that it brings meaning to for you. I dedicate everything, all of my emotions, and creativity in everyone of my compositions, because I love art!


Artist’s Biography                                                                                          I was born in Santiago, Chile. I came to United States in the 1980’s. I had a different profession and was very successful. One day I saw my youngest daughter having fun painting on a wall of my business and she did it beautifully. I liked it so much that I wanted to give it a try.  Very soon I started painting murals and small works on paper. My compositions at that time were firmly rooted in objective realism, including sunsets, landscape, floral, and portraits. After moving to Virginia, I began experimenting in abstract art.  I loved it and I’ve never looked back! To further my understanding of abstract and non-objective art I took classes with Virginia Cobb in Santa Fe, New Mexico with the support of my best friend (my husband) and the help of God.

Many times I wanted it to quit, but I had lots of encouragement from my family. This has not been easy but I hold myself to a verse of my favorite book, in Matthew 19:26:  “With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” Amen!

Artist’s Statement

I am the oldest of four children. At the age of five years old, I saw my grandfather, an architect, drawing construction plans. I liked looking at all those lines, even though I did not understand them. Forms, textures, and different figures always captivated me. As an abstract artist I like to use freedom to paint with my emotions. I paint about pain and sorrow, about joy and hope. Every line in my composition means something to me. I like to use a lot of colors to make a composition—that’s me! I like to represent my feelings in the colors that I use. Sometimes the structure of a painting can be perfect, but if the colors are wrong the composition is ruined. In classes I paid a lot of attention when they taught about color, because color it is not only to complement the piece.  It comes to be the most interesting miracle – with color, I give my art life, personality, and a reason to be. I use color with a lot of passion – one of the most important elements in my paintings. The lines or circles have to be in communication with each other. I have passion in all of my work and I like people to feel that –passion for art, passion for love, passion for healing, passion for God, passion because I am alive. I need to see passion in my paintings or, I work on them until I can see and feel the passion and uniqueness in my composition. I put emphasis on movement. Each of my pieces is carefully textured, yet with subtlety, in an intimate and personal way. I hope you sense the dedication and hours that I put into a piece, and see something that speaks to you. To achieve that, it is important to me to be very focused when I paint, but be free to discover the unique personality of each composition.

Art has become a very important and integral part of my life. Art, for me is beauty, so I feel compelled to continue growing, learning ad trying to reach higher goals. I work to achieve excellence in all my work. Finally, I want to say that God is the source of my strength, together with my family, and for that I am inspired to make beautiful, unusual, fun, and unique art.

I cannot imagine life without art!

About my Exhibitions and Workshops

2012 Community Church Ashburn VA – Exhibition

2012 Michaels Craft Store Leesburg, VA – Workshops to present

2012 Amazon Galary (to present)

2013  New York – Exhibition

2013 Saatchiart Seller. (Until now)

2013 Hobby Lobby Store Leesburg, VA –  Workshops to present

2014 Arts in the Village Gallery – Member at Exhibits

2014 Rust Library Leesburg, VA – Exhibition.

2014 Washington Court Hotel, Washington, VA – Exhibition

2014 Ashburn Library Loudoun County, VA – Exhibition.

2014 Okinawa, Japan – Workshops

2015 Grumbacher Art Instructor Certification

2016 Sterling Commercial Institute, VA Solo Exhibition.

2017 GRAMMY Museum  “Ella Fitzgerald” Art Exhibition.